Eye Believe Foundation

We Believe... That Everyone Deserves Great Vision

Our Story

We believe that everyone deserves great vision. But over ONE BILLION people are functionally blind due to lack of glasses. As optometrists, we see it as our duty to be available, when we are capable, to provide one of the most important yet basic human rights to ordinary people by giving them the vision they thought they had lost. This enables them to not only see the faces of their loved ones again, but also provide for themselves and their families through careers they may have lost to poor vision.

Our Values

  • INTEGRITY FIRST: We exercise honesty and accountability in order to do what is right even when no one is looking.
  • SERVICE BEFORE SELF: We possess respect for the beliefs, authority and worth of others. We are humble and recognize that we’re all equal. We choose to build others up. 
  • EXCELLENCE IN ALL WE DO: We strive for continual improvement in self and service. 

2022 Allocation of Funds

Another great year of making impact with the Eye Believe Foundation.  We started with a bank balance of $177,399.06 and ended with $159,895.66.  There was a total of $8,102.77 in credits and $25,606.17 in debits. 

  • Credits (Funds In)

    Most of our income came from private donations from us

    Drs. Travis and Jenna Zigler: $6,113.67

    Other Income: $1,737.20

    Travel Credits: $251.90

  • Debits (Funds Out)

    Accounting: -$1408

    Equipment: -$666.23

    Ohio State University Scholarships: -$14060

    2 Mission Trips: $-9,405.40

    Website Maintenance: -$66.54