Start Your Day with Nutritious Fuel: A Green Smoothie to Transform Your Morning Ritual and Your Life

Green smoothies are a great way to nourish your eyes and help with dry eye relief! In this video, we'll explore the benefits of green smoothies for dry eye sufferers. We'll share our favorite recipes, tips on how to make your own green smoothies, and ways in which they can combat dry eye. Tune in to learn more about boosting your eye health with green smoothies!


Week 3: Download the Green Smoothie Chart

The goal when eating this way is to eliminate/reduce sugars, pack your body full of antioxidants, and put your body in a fat burning state.  

Remember to choose organic whenever possible, and organic frozen vegetables and fruits are just as good (sometimes better) than fresh. 

Make sure to watch the video, take notes, and download our green smoothie chart to learn all about how to make a green smoothie.


Challenge of the Week

Start your day for the next 21 days with a Green Smoothie for breakfast and nothing else (water is okay).

Supplement of the Week (affiliate links)

Passion4Life Multivitamin

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